Herbs That Lower Testosterone

Updated March 23, 2017

There are several reasons why both men and women want to lower testosterone levels. And many people want to do this naturally as opposed to taking medication. There are numerous herbs that are often used to lower testosterone. While some are beneficial and offer promising results, others are not associated with such success. Make an informed decision when choosing herbs to lower testosterone levels.


Just like prescription drugs, some herbs are associated with unpleasant side effects and should be taken with caution. Some herbs work better for men than women and vice versa. You might have to try a combination of herbs until you find the herbal balance that works for you. According to, the herbs found to work best include black cohosh, blood root, mandrake, mistletoe, motherwort, pennyroyal, oregano, red clover, turmeric, verbena and yucca.


Herbs are generally less expensive than prescription drugs. They are all natural and don't overload your body with synthetic chemicals. Herbs can be purchased on websites such as They can also be bought without a prescription, allowing you to reduce testosterone levels without paying for expensive doctor's visits. Herbs are easy to use and are available in pill form, powder and as live plants.


The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism suggests individuals take an herbal course before using them for medical purposes. There are potential side effects associated with certain herbs used to lower testosterone. They can bring on menses in women and have been linked with increased risk of miscarriage. According to, the herb liquorice is used for lowering testosterone and has been associated with hypertension and electrolyte imbalance. Seek advice from your health care practitioner before taking herbs.


Always consider the quality of herbs you use. Lower-quality herbs provide fewer benefits and more may be required to successfully lower testosterone levels. Your herbs should always come from a legitimate company with a good reputation for distributing pure herbs. The effectiveness of herbs vary according to the individual. Some people require a higher dose to lower testosterone, and others require additional herbs to boost the hormonal effects. Herbs are not a one-size-fits-all solution.


Many people mistakenly believe that because herbs are all natural, they can safely be used without risk. Hormones themselves are powerful and play an important role in just about every bodily function. Herbs can be equally powerful and should be used with caution. Evaluate the risks against the benefits associated with using herbs to lower testosterone, and make an informed decision with your health care provider to find the right herbs for you.

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