Oatmeal bath & psoriasis

Updated July 19, 2017

Psoriasis is when skin cells form too rapidly, developing in days rather than weeks (which is the norm). Instead of developing and dying off, the cells pile on top of one another, which creates lesions. Some psoriasis sufferers turn to oatmeal baths for relief.


Once psoriasis flares up, the itching is uncomfortable and can interfere with daily routines. Preventive action, such as keeping skin well hydrated with moisturisers, helps to prevent flare-ups. Exposure to sunlight helps to slow down cell growth. However, if a flare-up occurs, there are solutions.


One of those solutions is oatmeal---it's not just for breakfast anymore, but also for baths. An oatmeal bath can bring relief from the constant itching that commonly accompanies a flare-up.

Commercial Solutions

Different companies manufacture oatmeal treatments. They're designed to be poured into your bath, but you can save money by making your own.

Make Your Own

The oatmeal in a bath helps to bind moisture to the skin. To make your own oatmeal treatment, grind a cup of oats in a blender or food processor on the highest setting, until it is the consistency of powder. Sprinkle it into a tub of water, using your hand to stir it. You can take as many baths as needed to help alleviate itching.


As early as 2000BC, Egyptians and Arabians were using oatmeal for their own skin ailments.

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