What is the average cost of remodeling a bathroom?

Updated March 23, 2017

Bathroom remodelling costs depend on the size and shape of the bathroom. The quality of materials used also impacts cost. There may be additional charges if you want to add square footage or move the walls.

Do It Yourself

Remodelling the bathroom yourself can cost around £3,250. This remodelling project can include upgraded bathroom fixtures, drywall, shower tiles and shower enclosure/tub.


According to, a contemporary remodel and expansion of a 5-by-7 foot bathroom to a 9-by-9 bathroom will cost somewhere between £22,822 and £27,982 as of 2010.

Standard says the budget for a standard remodel on an average-sized bathroom is between £4,362 and £5,235 in 2010 costs. This remodelling includes new bathtub, shower doors, medicine cabinets, ceramic tile countertops, standard sink faucets, ceramic tile flooring, recessed lights and designer wallpaper.

Regional Differences reports that average-sized bathroom remodelling costs vary by region, for example, in the South, £5,051; West, £6,147; Midwest, £5,842; and East, £6,175.

Cost Estimator

Visit cost estimating websites such as and By providing information on the type of bathroom and budget available, you will get an estimate of the total cost of remodelling.

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