Hairstyles for Mature Men

Written by buffy naillon | 13/05/2017
Hairstyles for Mature Men
Mature men have lots of style options available to them, including longer styles like this one. (man image by Stanisa Martinovic from

For mature men, the question of hairstyle can often be a professional as well as a personal one. Fortunately, these men have plenty of role models wearing great styles for mature men.

Classic Waves

Clint Eastwood maintains a classic style that's easy to keep up and style. A contoured cut that's best suited for someone with a few waves in his hair, a style like his requires just a bit of mousse.

Close Cropped

With the look of an old-time movie star, George Clooney's closely cropped hair is a classic style. A cut shaped to fit the head, a dab of styling gel and time to dry is all it takes to style hair like this, according to the Beauty and Bath website.


The loss of hair doesn't have to mean the loss of appeal as Sean Connery's hairstyle exemplifies.


Actor Jack Wagner's hair made the cut for the best styles for mature men on the Beautiful Hairstyles website. With its medium length and classic layers, this classic style would be suited for a number of mature men.

Chin Length

"Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp also made the list for best styles for mature men on the Beautiful Hairstyles website. His chin length style would suit men with strong bones in their faces.

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