Facts on Teenage Pregnancy

Written by victoria michaels | 13/05/2017
Facts on Teenage Pregnancy
Babies born to teen mothers have a higher chance of repeating the cycle. (baby image by Diane Stamatelatos from Fotolia.com)

Teenage pregnancy is a hard reality for some and can cause a crushing blow to unsuspecting youths. Understanding some facts on teenage pregnancy may be able to help reduce the instances among today's teenage generation.


Statistics show that before the age of 20, 34 out of every 100 young women will become pregnant, and 80 per cent of these pregnancies will be unintended.

Race and Teenage Pregnancy

The highest rate of teenage pregnancies occurs in the Hispanic race. Both African American teens and Hispanic teens have a higher teenage pregnancy rate than any other race.


Almost 80 per cent of unwed teenage mothers end up on governmental support, including welfare, and only one-third complete their high-school diploma. Less than 2 per cent complete a college degree before the age of 30.


According to Family First Aid, the incidences of teenage pregnancy cost the United States around £4 billion every year.


Children born to teenage mothers tend to have lower birth weights and higher incidences of poor performance in school. Boys born to teenage mothers have a higher chance of ending up in prison (13 per cent higher), while girls have a 22 per cent higher chance of repeating the teen mother cycle.

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