What are white spots on children's teeth?

Written by kimberlee leonard | 13/05/2017

A nice bright smile is something every parent wants, but when new teeth emerge with bright white spots, this may be of concern. Spots can already be on teeth as they erupt or develop on older teeth.


According to Dr. Dean Brandon, President of Huntsville Madison County Dental Society, white spots on the teeth are called enamel hypoplasia or hypocalcification. These are defects in the tooth with the outer tooth layer uneven or thin in regions.


The cause of white spots is not always known. They can develop as a result of mineralisation, too much fluoride in development or even trauma to the tooth.


This is a common problem that occurs in most children to some degree. Unless there is serious deformity or cosmetic issues, there is little to be concerned about.


The primary concern is the start of decay in the areas because the enamel is weaker. Other concerns are cosmetic if the spots are on the front teeth.


In most cases, just keeping an eye on the area to make sure decay doesn't form is the primary treatment course. Decay should be dealt with quickly and some cases call for cosmetic dentistry such as bleaching or veneers.

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