Acupressure for Urinary Tract Infections

Updated July 19, 2017

While more studies have been done on the use of acupuncture for urinary tract infections, acupressure uses the same points and, therefore, can have a similar efficacy. In this case, pressure using fingers rather than needles is used to stimulate the points.

Urinary Tract Infections

Women who experience UTIs have a tendency to get them often. The typical symptom of this condition is urination that is frequent and possibly burning and painful.


In Chinese medicine, urinary tract infections are considered as damp or damp heat conditions. Treatment, therefore, will address these two issues, as well as any underlying conditions that are leading to the UTIs.

Dampness and Heat

General points for dampness will be used, such as Spleen 9 and Urinary Bladder 28 which can be used for dampness anywhere in the body but especially for damp heat in the bladder. Ren 3 is used to clear heat and dampness from the urinary bladder.

Underlying Deficiency

If there is an underlying deficiency, points will be used to tonify the patient. These may include such points as Kidney 3, Kidney 6 and Spleen 6.


These points have been found to be effective in treating UTI and preventing recurrence. Part of the reason for this is that they help to clear the urine completely from the bladder which makes infection less likely.

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