Cat and dog repellents

Written by carole ann
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Cat and dog repellents
There are many options available to keep cats and dogs out of your yard or garden. (Image by, courtesy of Umberto Salvagnin)

There are many products available that are effective repellents, designed to keep dogs and cats out of a yard, garden, flower beds, trees, shrubs, off of cars and out of garbage cans.

Scented Products

Scented repellent products are available as liquid sprays or granules, such as Liquid Fence and Get Away sprays or Boundary, Worry Free and Shake Away granules. Many of these products need to be applied every one or two weeks until the unwanted behaviour has been changed.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices emit sound waves on a frequency that is not audible to humans but repel dogs, cats and other animals. Products such as Electronic Yard Protector Pro and Cat Stop Cat Repellent (which also works on dogs) use motion sensors and operate on electricity or battery power.

Water Spray

Havahart offers a motion-sensor-activated water spray that startles animals to keep them away. It attaches to a garden hose and features a three-second spray of water that can repeat every eight seconds if necessary.

Homemade Repellents

According to Gardening Know How, natural dog repellents include vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Cats are repelled by cayenne pepper, raw onion and plants such as rosemary, lavender and pennyroyal. Ammonia, chilli pepper and citrus scents repel both dogs and cats. Use cotton balls soaked with alcohol, vinegar and ammonia, as these liquids will harm your plants if you pour them on the ground.


The cost of commercial products as of 2010 can range from about £6 for a bottle of spray or a can of granules to over £65 for the motion sensor devices.


Most products are safe for children and pets, as well as environmentally safe, but always read the labels for cautionary statements.

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