Family Support Worker Job Description

Written by buffy naillon | 13/05/2017

Social service agencies employ many people to ensure that things run smoothly. Some of these employees are family support workers, who provide a variety of services, such as substance abuse counselling support and adult day care.


According to Careers.Org, family support workers work in a variety of fields, including psychology, rehabilitation and social work. They help clients identify and obtain benefits and community services. They may also help develop, organise or conduct programs aimed at the prevention and resolution of problems, such as substance abuse, while offering support for relationships, rehabilitation and adult day care.


Family support workers work in social service agencies, counselling offices, adult care facilities and group homes.


There were more than 300,000 family support workers in 2006. This number will increase to an estimated 450,000 by 2016, according to Careers.Org.


According to Careers.Org, a Bachelor's degree is not required to do this job, but more and more employers are looking for people who have education beyond the high school level or work experience in a related field.


The median salary for the family support worker is £16,627.

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