Can eternity rings be resized?

Eternity rings are sentimental symbols of love. Whether they can be resized depends on the style of the rings.


Typically, eternity rings are set with precious stones, either around the entire band or around the front half. The latter are called “half” eternity rings; those with stones set all around the band are called “full” eternity rings. Square or rectangular-shaped stones are the most conducive shapes to fit the linear design of eternity rings.


"Half" eternity rings can be resized fairly easily. However, due to the spacing of the stones, "full" eternity rings cannot be resized. Resizing a half eternity ring requires special tools and equipment and the professional skill of a jeweller. The jeweller will test the current size of the eternity ring and identify the new size required.


To make the eternity ring larger, a jeweller will slice the ring on the underside and pry it open just enough so that the circle shape fits the new size. Then additional metal will be soldered onto both ends of the cut to close the circle of the ring. The same kind and quality of metal should be used so that the integrity of the ring is not compromised. Finally, the jeweller will file down the rough spots and polish the ring.


To make the eternity ring smaller, a jeweller will slice the ring on the underside and remove a small portion of the metal. The two ends will be resealed through a sophisticated soldering process. Once the ring circle is closed, the jeweller will file and polish the whole ring.

Finished Product

Whether an eternity ring is resized to a larger or smaller size, the finished product should not show any signs of alteration. If done correctly, resizing an eternity ring will offer you the opportunity to wear the sentimental symbol for many more years to come.

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