Aquarium Background Installation

Written by lee morgan | 13/05/2017
Aquarium Background Installation
An aquarium background can add extra beauty to your fish habitat. (Image by, courtesy of *~Dawn~*)

Aquarium backgrounds are easy to install on your fish tank. They instantly add beauty to your room and hide the pump motor and cords that connect to your aquarium.

Tools Required

All you need to install most aquarium backgrounds are a tape measure, a razor blade and water-resistant clear tape.

Types Of Backgrounds

Most aquarium backgrounds are either flat sticker-like sheets of vinyl that can be applied to the back side of your aquarium, or plastic or styrofoam three-dimensional backgrounds that fit against the back wall on the inside of your aquarium, according to


Many backgrounds will come in standard sizes that may differ from the actual size of your aquarium. Owners can measure their tank's dimensions then use a razor blade to trim the vinyl or cut the styrofoam background to fit the rear side of the aquarium precisely.


Vinyl backgrounds are applied by sticking the trimmed sheet to the back of the aquarium with the visible side facing toward the glass. Tape is run across the top to keep water from getting between the glass and the background. Three-dimensional backgrounds are attached to the tank by sliding them tightly into place between the sidewalls of the tank.

Custom Fiberglass

Elaborate aquariums can be improved by having them fitted with a custom three-dimensional fibreglass background. These items can be pricey. They come pre-cut to fit a specific tank and are often used in zoo aquariums.

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