Hairstyles for Men With Pear Shaped Faces

Updated February 21, 2017

Men with pear-shaped faces have a wider jawline and a narrower forehead. These faces are triangular, with the jaw area being the long side and the forehead being the top of the triangle. To make the face appear more symmetrical, choose a hairstyle with full hair on the top or with fringe. Also consider adding facial hair to attract attention away from the forehead.

Neat Cropped

A neat cropped cut will be symmetric, with an even layer of hair around the forehead and cheeks. This type of cut makes the top of the head appear larger and more even with the bottom of the face.


Camouflage a large chin with a beard or a goatee. The facial hair will disguise the disproportionately large chin and make the face appear more naturally even. When choosing a beard or other facial hair, men with pear-shaped faces can wear their hair in whatever cut they choose.

Bowl cut

A bowl cut features longer hair on the top and sides with tapered hair toward the back of the head. This style provides length and volume by the ears and the forehead. Since bowl cuts are easy home haircuts and popular choices for kids, this style can create a younger look for men.


The Caesar cut features short, cropped hair along the sides and back of the head with short fringe that extend over the forehead. This cut can add volume to a narrow forehead and disguise its dimensions, making the pear-shaped face appear more even.

Long Layers

Long, layered cuts can distract attention away from the face shape. Long cuts may be chin-length or longer. Cuts with layers are best done by a stylist. These can feature long, sweeping fringe or textured cuts. Layered cuts can appear raggedy if not maintained and may not be a wise choice for professionals.


Style haircuts with gel or pomade to promote height and texture in the front of the face. This distracts attention from the wider chin region. Faux hawks or pompadours create volume in the forehead area. If your hair is too short for these styles, spike the front and sides with styling product. Spiking hair out and up will help the top of the face appear more even with the chin area.

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