Immense tiredness from urinary infection

Updated June 13, 2017

A urinary tract infection result from excessive bacteria in the urethra, bladder or kidneys. While fatigue is a possible symptom of bladder infection, immense tiredness might signal a kidney infection, which constitutes a medical emergency.

Signs and Symptoms

Urinary tract infection is diagnosed by confirming the presence of blood, bacteria or white blood cells in the urine. According to Medline Plus, fatigue is a common symptom of kidney infection. Other symptoms might include flank pain, frequent burning urination, fever and chills.


A urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria---typically E. coli---travel up the urethra and proliferate in the bladder or kidneys. According to Women's Health, using feminine hygiene sprays, spermicides or douches may increase a woman's risk for developing a urinary tract infection.


Oral antibiotics plus increased water intake are the standard treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infection, according to WebMD. Intravenous antibiotics and hospitalisation may be required for an advanced infection.


Left untreated, a lower urinary tract infection could progress to kidney infection, which can cause permanent kidney damage, septicaemia (blood poisoning) and renal failure, according to the Mayo Clinic.


If you feel immense tiredness, that may signal a kidney infection. If you experience symptoms of a urinary tract infection, seek medical attention to prevent complications.

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