Outdoor stair safety

Written by erin steeley | 13/05/2017
Outdoor stair safety
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Outdoor stairs are found in homes with porches and decks that vary in their construction and height. Safety measures such as proper railings, stair treads and keeping stairs free of obstructions prevent accidents from occurring.

Stair treads

Ice, snow and rain can make stairs slippery during bad weather.Using a non-skid tape or tread that is easy to lay along the edge of each stair will help prevent falls.


Having a railing installed on both sides of steep stairs gives people a place to hold onto as they move up or down. Railings should be sized so that they are easy to grasp.

Bad weather

Ice and snow can build up quickly on stairs, causing a slick and dangerous surface. Keep outdoor steps clear using a broom, snow shovel or ice melt to prevent falls.


If you have stairs on your outdoor porch, make sure they are adequately lit at night so people can see where to walk. Shadows created by lower wattage bulbs can deceive the eye and cause accidents.


Keeping your stairs in good condition is essential to safety. Loose handrails, warped stairs or protruding nails are potential hazards. Installation of a child gate at the top and bottom of the stairs will prevent your child from getting injured due to a fall.

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