Types of Composite Roof Tiles

Updated July 19, 2017

Roofs provide valuable protection to a home from weather and other outdoor elements. Composite roofing tiles have become very popular because they combine dependable durability with a versatile look, and they are made from a variety of materials.


Composite asphalt tiles are constructed from either organic fibre mat or fibreglass. While durable and fire resistant, asphalt tiles or shingles sometimes blow away during extreme weather.


Concrete tiles are sturdy and tend to last longer than many other roofing options. They are also made partially from recycled materials, a practice that benefits the environment.


Clay roofing tiles are unique in appearance, and serve to give homes an alternative look while offering durability during any type of weather. Clay tiles are brittle, however, and can crack if directly walked on.


Plastic roofing tiles are a relatively new option that do not incur water damage and are fire resistant. Additionally, plastic tiles are made from recycled materials.


Roof tiles are also available in steel or aluminium, both of which are difficult to dent and can last the lifetime of a home if maintained properly. Metal roofs can be designed to take on any appearance a homeowner desires.

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