What do baby wild ducks eat?

Baby ducks left to their own natural habitat will consume a variety of vegetables, natural grains and fish. Grit, such as dirt, is another important part of a duck's diet, which the baby ducks will consume naturally.


Do not feed wild birds, as they need foods that grow naturally in their environment to thrive best. Feeding wild ducks shortens their lives considerably, according to


Ducks of any age that consume too much bread or crackers can have enlarged or fattened organs. Additionally, uneaten bread can rot and cause the ducks to become sick.


Baby ducks in particular need a lot of protein in their diets, which is why human food such as bread or crackers is not a wise choice.

Protein Requirements

Baby ducks require a diet that is 20 per cent protein in the first four weeks, then 14 per cent for the ten weeks after that, according to


Birds can not detect human scent; parent ducks will not reject their young if briefly handled by a person.

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