Quaker Wedding Etiquette

Quaker weddings are usually affairs with a small guest list. Therefore, when it is time to attend one, most people do not know the proper etiquette for a Quaker wedding. Here are a few tips on what to expect at the next Quaker wedding you attend.


Men can wear a jacket and tie, while women wear a dress or top and skirt. Although not formal, it is still a special occasion for the bride and groom.

The Service

The bride and groom typically sit in the front pew during the service. At some point, they will stand and say their vows and then sit down again. This is the only time when the couple stands in front of the group.

The Reception

The reception usually takes place at a meeting house or a family member's house. It could include finger food, a sit-down meal or a potluck where the couple expects you to bring a dish to share. Check your invitation for specific details.


Quakers abstain from drinking alcohol of any kind, so keep that in mind when attending the reception.

Bringing Gifts

Like other newlyweds, Quakers appreciate gifts. You might ask them what they need, if they are not registered somewhere. Many times, they will ask for contributions to charity be given in place of gifts.

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