How to Treat blood mite in canaries

Updated March 23, 2017

Blood mites can do terrible physical damage to your canaries, so it is important to know what they are as well as how to treat them. Your canaries wil thank you.

Make sure that blood mites, which are technically known asdermanyssus gallinae, are what your canary has. There are many symptoms of blood mites which may include: weakness, listlessness, refusal of a mother canary to feed her babies and a pale beak interior (normally red).

Find out where the blood mites are hiding, as they typically like to stay in dark spots. These may include any nooks and crannies of the cage the canary is in. If your birds are kept in an aviary, blood mites can hide in cracks around the structure. They tend to stay close to their prey--your canaries. A blood mite comes out at night to suck the blood from both adult canaries and canary nestlings and then goes into hiding during the day.

Get rid of the blood mites. Thoroughly wash the cage, aviary or shelter the birds reside in, using hot soapy water. Bleaching your canary cages is also highly recommended. Make sure the cages are taken apart before you clean them, as you will need to get into every crease and crevice possible. Talk to your veterinarian to find the best insecticide that is suitable for the job and will not leave a harmful residue. While you are cleaning, make sure that your birds are kept in a separate cage. Dry the cages thouroughly. This can be accomplished by leaving them to air dry in the hot sun, if possible.

Fill in anywhere that the blood mites might be hiding. This sounds like a difficult job, especially if your cage or aviary is large. But it is extremely important if you want to prevent a future infestation of blood mites. You can use gap filling compounds to fill in any holes or cracks you find.


Keep the room well-lighted and ventilated as you clean. The room should also be well-lighted as much as possible throughout the day.\n\nDo not purchase used cages for your birds, as they may already be infested with blood mites.


Only use insecticide that is for blood mite use, and keep your canaries elsewhere when you use it.

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  • Soap\nWater\nInsecticide
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