Job description of a radiology nurse

Written by kj henderson | 13/05/2017
Job description of a radiology nurse
Radiology nurses provide patient care. (Image by, courtesy of Crunchy)

A radiology nurse provides medical care to patients who are receiving radiological treatments. The typical job description includes assessing patient illness, offering counselling regarding treatments and administering medication and radiological procedures. These individuals are schooled in a variety of specialities including: Angiography, CT Scan (computed tomography), Fluoroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography and Ultrasound.

Work Environments

Radiology nurses can work at medical centres large and small, including both hospitals and radiology and imaging centres.


Employers prefer candidates who are registered nurses with undergraduate degrees in nursing science. Those with ample clinical experience, however, may find employment with only a two year degree.

Salary estimates that as of 2009, the annual salary of a radiology nurse with average experience earns £37,856.

Job Outlook

Concurrent with the health care industry as a whole, the United States Bureau of labour statistics anticipates that the employment of registered nurses will increase at a rate of 23 per cent between 2006 and 2016.

Association for Radiology and Imaging Nursing

The Association for Radiology and Imaging Nursing is a professional organisation founded in 1981, offering membership and career resources to radiology nurses.

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