Painful urination in children

Updated April 17, 2017

Children may have difficulty passing urine from time to time. This condition can be very painful for the child and distressing for the parent. Even though painful urination in children isn't contagious, it's still important to determine the cause.


Children who have painful urination will experience burning and stinging when trying to pass urine. They may cry and feel the need to urinate frequently.


Causes of painful urination in children include inflammation of the urethra as well as kidney and bladder infections.


To identify what is causing painful urination in a child, a doctor will ask questions such as medical history and events leading up to the symptoms. The doctor will collect a urine sample to check for bacteria.


Treatment for painful urination in children includes pain medication, increased fluid intake and soaking in a bath with baking soda.


Painful urination may be prevented in children by having proper hygiene. This includes girls wiping from front to back when finished using the rest room and boys wiping the tip of the penis when finished urinating.

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