Satin Sleep Caps Hair Growth Information

Written by audrey sivasothy | 13/05/2017
Satin Sleep Caps Hair Growth Information
(Image by, courtesy of inger maaike)

Protecting the hair at night is important for preserving the hair's future growth and vitality. Satin scarves, bonnets and pillowcases allow women to care for their tresses while they sleep.

Satin Sleep Caps Hair Growth Information
(Image by, courtesy of inger maaike)


Textured hair types benefit most from wearing satin scarves at night. Nightly tossing and turning causes the hair to rub against cotton pillowcases and sheets. Cotton absorbs precious moisture from the hair strands, and the friction and dryness can lead to split ends and hair breakage.


Satin scarf, bonnets and pillow cases are available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles.


Scarves are squares of fabric that are good if you have a flatter hairstyle that you want to preserve overnight. They are typically folded into a triangular shape and then secured with a knot in the back.


Satin bonnets are great if you use hair rollers or styles that need to be lifted away from the head. Bonnets are also good for women who toss and turn when they sleep. Satin scarves tend to slip off at night, but satin bonnets feature an elastic band to hold them in place.


Satin pillowcases are best for those whose sleep patterns do not accommodate either satin scarves or bonnets. Some prefer pillowcases to scarves and bonnets for aesthetic reasons. Children and babies are good candidates for satin pillowcases.


Satin scarves and bonnets cost between £1.30 and £6 and can often be purchased in beauty supply stores. They are also available from online hair care vendors. Satin pillowcases are pricier and can range from £6 to more than £130, depending on style and brand.

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