What is polyarthralgia arthritis?

Written by andy joseph | 13/05/2017

Arthralgia, drawing from the Greek roots "arthro" (joint) and "algos" (pain), means joint pain. Thus polyarthralgia, with the prefix "poly," means pain in several joints. Polyarthralgia is one of the signs that indicates the progression to polyarthralgia arthritis.

What Is Polyarthralgia Arthritis?

As polyarthralgia is a symptom of arthritis, as well as being non-inflammatory (arthritis is inflammatory), polyarthralgia arthritis can be defined as arthritis with polyarthralgia as one of its symptoms.


The causes of polyarthralgia arthritis are numerous and are wide of range. However, sports injuries are among the best known causes of the condition.


Pain in two or more joints is the defining characteristic of polyarthralgia arthritis. Other symptoms include some swelling and stiffness of the joints affected, as well as redness.


Treatment of polyarthralgia arthritis varies according to cause. It may involve prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs, or it might be serious enough to require surgery.


When polyarthralgia becomes inflammatory, it has morphed into polyarthralgia arthritis, and thus has become a more serious condition. It is essential to treat polyarthralgia before it gets to such a stage.

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