Active Ingredients of Frontline for Cats

Written by jamie conrad | 13/05/2017

The ongoing battle against fleas is something most pet owners are all too familiar with. One of the most popular flea treatments is Frontline, which is a topical flea treatment for both cats and dogs and uses the active ingredients fipronyl and S-Methoprene, respectively (see Reference 1).


The ingredients in Frontline make it an effective eliminator of ticks, fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs (see Reference 1).


The ingredients in Frontline are safe when used bi-monthly for fleas, posing almost no risk of side effects (see Reference 3).


The active ingredients in Frontline are proven to be of low to moderate toxicity, but they are considered safe by the World Health Organization, or WHO (see References 2 and 4). According to the WHO, a pet consuming an entire case of fipronyl would suffer no adverse effects (see Reference 3).


Frontline kills 100 per cent of fleas and ticks within 18 to 48 hours of application (see Reference 1).


Although the active ingredients in Frontline are considered safe, imitation products might contain ingredients toxic to your pet (see Reference 3).


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