How to Increase a Dog's Appetite

Updated February 21, 2017

Sometimes, especially during the summer, you may notice that your dog's appetite decreases. You may also notice this in males when a nearby female is in heat. In some cases, you may need to increase your dog's appetite so that it can gain some weight. It is possible to increase your dog's appetite.

Visit the veterinarian. It is important to make sure that your dog can safely gain weight. This is especially important if your dog's appetite has diminished dramatically in a short period of time.

Increase the dog's intake of food slowly. Add one extra meal per day for the first week. Add extra food to each meal in the second week. In the third week, you will take away the extra meal and split the amount of food you normally feed at that meal into the remaining meals. You can start the process over again if you need to increase the dog's appetite more. Feeding the dog this way will stretch its stomach so it will want to eat more.

Add garlic powder to your dog's food. Garlic powder is an appetite stimulant for dogs. Keep in mind that garlic salt is harmful to dogs.

Mix canned dog food into your dog's dry dog food. Canned food is easier for a dog to digest. Your dog's appetite will increase because it burns through the food quickly.

Cook chicken for your dog. Mixing chicken broth and chicken meat with your dog's food will help to increase its appetite. Make sure that you remove the skin and all of the bones from the chicken before you offer it to your dog. Keep in mind that the majority of your dog's food should be its normal dry dog food.

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