How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs?

Written by nora huynh kitchen | 13/05/2017

Many people raise quail, whether for eggs, meat, or breeding. Though quail and their eggs are smaller than chickens, their laying patterns are actually similar.

Daily Egg Count

Mature quails lay about one egg per day. Clutch size will vary depending on breed.

Yearly Egg Count

Given ideal conditions, a quail will lay about 300 eggs per year.

Daylight and Egg Production

Quail egg production increases and decreases with hours of daylight. Quails will slow or stop egg production in winter when daylight hours decrease.

Maximising Production

Quails can be made to lay year-round if given at least 14 hours of natural or artificial light per day.

Age and Egg Production

A quail reaches a mature, egg-producing age at 6 weeks. The quail will be in its maximum egg-producing stage for a year or more, but as the birds age quickly, production will usually begin to decrease shortly after this time.

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