Monster Energy Drinks Side Effects

Updated April 17, 2017

Monster Energy Drink is a popular choice among energy drinks offered today. It was distributed by Hansen Natural Corporation until November 2008; it was then that Coca-Cola Enterprises gained the rights to distribute Monster. It offers the extra kick you may need to get you through the day. However, it also brings along some unwanted side effects for some people.

Carbohydrates Side Effects

The carbohydrates in the drink can cause a difficulty in the absorption of nutrients. In "The Side Effects of Energy Drinks" by Low Jeremy, he states, "Since the absorption of nutrients is slower, there is a large chance that the fluid absorption rate of the body is also slower."

Sugar Side Effects

The sugar in a Monster drink is great for energy. However, when the energy is gone, there can be a sudden crash because the sugar is leaving the bloodstream.

Energy Side Effects

Although Monster may cause certain negative side effects, it will do what it says. It will give you the energy kick that you need from the drink.

Caffeine Side Effects

Caffeine is a big part of Monster Energy Drinks. Due to the level of caffeine, it may cause dizziness, headaches and jitters. It may cause allergic reactions if you are allergic to caffeine.

Ginseng Side Effects

Ginseng is another ingredient found in Monster Energy Drinks. Ginseng can cause nausea, dizziness and breast pain.

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