Symptoms of a Female Hormone Imbalance

Updated July 19, 2017

The female hormones oestrogen and progesterone are essential to women's wellness. An imbalance of these hormones can negatively affect several systems in the body, from skin and bone to sexual health and the digestive system.

Skin Problems

A decline in oestrogen levels can cause the skin to lose its radiance, develop wrinkles and heal more slowly. Some women may experience abnormal hair growth on the face and body.

Sexual Problems

Decreasing oestrogen levels can cause vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and susceptibility to infections, whereas low levels of progesterone can contribute to difficulties in reproduction and irregular menstrual cycles.

Digestive Problems

Declining oestrogen levels can cause poor digestion and low nutrient absorption, which lead to many other health problems.

Bone Problems

Due to the low nutrient-absorption capacity, women with low oestrogen levels usually suffer from calcium deficiency. Their bones become brittle and vulnerable to bone diseases.

Nasal Problems

Oestrogen and progesterone promote healthy tissues in the nasal passages. An imbalance of these hormones may result in nasal congestion and a lower ability to fight off viruses.

Sleep Problems

A decline in progesterone and oestrogen can cause anxiety problems, hot flushes and profuse night sweats that lead to restless sleep.

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