Side Effects of Iron Injections

Updated April 17, 2017

Iron injections are used to treat people with anaemia and can sometimes bring unwelcomed side effects. Although rare, the injections have sometimes caused serious allergic reactions that even resulted in death. There are a number of other, less serious side effects that people should be aware of.

Side Effects

According to side effects of iron injections could be flushing, headache, tingling of the hands or feet, nausea, shivering or dizziness.

Additional Effects

Many patients who receive iron injections complain of itching and redness around the injection site. It is known to leave muscles aching and slight bruising.


Experiencing these side effects is not uncommon, but if the pain and irritation become unbearable, it is necessary to call a physician. If you experience shortness of breath or fever, seek medical attention immediately.


While receiving the injections on a normal basis, it is important to keep regular contact with a doctor. Informing him of the side effects will help you know what reactions are normal and which ones to take more seriously.

Staying Healthy

To guarantee extreme health throughout iron injections, sure to get constant blood work done to ensure all blood levels are where they are supposed to be. Also be sure to inform a doctor of any other underlying illness you might suffer from.


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