Small hallway decorating ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Many times hallways are neglected when it comes to decorating. We tend to focus on the more common and larger spaces that we really live in. However, hallways are actually a part of the home where you can be more imaginative. All you need are a few ideas to get you started for the creativity to flow.


Use a rug. If your hallway floor is hardwood consider adding a floor runner. Not only will it draw attention to your hardwood flooring, it will also be your own way of expressing your decorating personality.


Use wall or ceiling fixtures. Whether your hallway is narrow or wide, you want it to be an inviting space. Consider wall sconces to add illuminating light for narrow hallways. If it's a wider hallway you might consider a decorative ceiling or hanging fixture. Try to avoid table lamps as many small hallways are not able to comfortably contain a small table.


Choose light colours. Because you're decorating such a small space you want to choose colours that "open up" the space. Aim for light colours such as shades of white and beige. If you want something different you might enjoy wainscoting or even beadboard. See resources for more ideas on those options.


Add a mirror. Mirrors are one marvellous and beautiful way to make a small space appear much larger. Hanging a medium- or large-sized mirror at the end of the hallway can do just that. You could also place several smaller mirrors alongside one another on one of the walls.


Show off your passions. The hallway is one place many people choose to hang their treasured memories of family and friends. You can use single matching frames or go for those that coordinate. Choose the frames' finish to coordinate well with the rest of your hallway's decor.

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