Instep Foot Pain

Updated February 21, 2017

Since the feet bear the entirety of the body's weight on a regular basis, foot pain and soreness is a common problem. Pain anywhere in the feet can be debilitating, so it is important to understand the possible causes and treatments of instep pain.

Arch Pain

The plantar fascia is a supportive structure of tissue that runs through the arch of the foot that can become painful if strained, which can cause heel and instep pain.

Big-Toe Pain

The big toe joint can become painful if it is strained through repetitive stress or sprained by bending back the toe too far. The joint runs along the instep, so damage to the toe may cause instep pain.


If too much friction is applied to the instep, a blister may form that can be painful if pressure is applied to it.


A likely cause of instep pain is wearing improper footwear. Footwear that doesn't fit properly, that is not suitable for a certain activity or that is worn out will encourage repetitive stress injury and blisters. Failing to wear socks may also cause blisters.


In addition to proper fitting shoes, extra support such as insoles or custom fit orthotics may help alleviate instep pain.

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