Fashion show theme ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Fashion show themes can make or break a charity fashion event, or, if you are an aspiring designer, create a buzz for your new designs. Fashion show themes can be creative, specialised or all-encompassing. Brainstorm and be creative and use some of the following ideas to get you started on your way to an event for fashionistas.

Time Period Themes

Time period themes add fun and nostalgia to your fashion show. You can do "Remember the '70s" or something similar for a theme to showcase period pieces. It can help get people in the buying mood when they remember their pasts and the good old days.

Seasonal Themes

A "Seasons of the Year" theme works to show off fashions from all four seasons. Swimsuits, shorts and tank tops for summer; sweatshirts, pea coats and trousers for fall; coats, mittens, scarves and sweaters for winter; rain slickers, boots and short sleeve tops for spring. Use the seasons to showcase what to wear and when to wear it.


Maybe you want to show the audience what handbag to pair with jeans and a T-shirt, and how that same bag can work with a dress. Or show how a necklace can add flair to a plain outfit. Accessory themes are fun ways to help people think beyond the outfit and learn to maximise the look of what is in their closets with relatively inexpensive items.

Movie or Book Themes

Movie or book themes can take your fashion show in whatever direction you want. A "Twilight" theme can showcase goth clothes; a "Jerry Maguire" theme can showcase sportswear; or choose a "Dirty Dancing" theme to show off dance wear. A movie or book theme can be adapted to any type of clothing.

Speciality Clothing Themes

Maybe the clothing you want to show off is tailored for a certain group of people. You could have a maternity or lingerie show. Or how about a kids clothing show?

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