Facts About Labrador Dogs

Updated July 19, 2017

Labrador retrievers are intelligent, gentle, sturdy and family-friendly dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, they are the most popular breed in the United States. Labrador retrievers are commonly used as guide dogs for the disabled, law enforcement narcotic detection K9s and as search and rescue dogs.


Labrador retrievers are originally from Newfoundland, where they helped fisherman with retrieving nets and other fishing duties.


Labrador retrievers are large, stocky dogs with hanging ears, a short all-weather coat, long tail and good-natured expression. Their colours include black, chocolate brown and golden yellow.


There are two types of Labrador retrievers, the English bred and the American bred. English bred dogs are stockier and bulkier than their longer and taller American bred cousins.


Labrador retrievers can weigh anywhere from 29.5 to 36.3 Kilogram. They can stand from 21 to 25 inches at the withers (shoulders). Larger dogs are not uncommon.


Labrador retrievers make wonderful working dogs. In addition to being guide dogs, law enforcement dogs and search and rescue dogs, they have traditionally been used as bird hunting gun dogs.

Fun Fact

A litter of Labrador retrievers can include puppies of all the different Labrador colours regardless of the colours of the parent dogs.

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