How Much Does it Cost to Feed a Dog?

Updated April 13, 2018

The cost of feeding a dog depends on several factors. The size and activity level of the dog, as well as the quality of food, can all impact how much a pet owner will spend on dog food.


A smaller dog generally will eat less than a larger dog. Puppies eat more than fully grown adults. This has a direct effect on how much food you must buy per month.

Activity Levels

The more activity a dog gets, the more it will need to eat. A well-exercised dog is a happy dog, but also a hungry one.

Quality of Food

Lesser-quality foods cost less than foods that contain more nutritious ingredients. The first ingredient in a quality dog food should be meat or a meat byproduct. A dog will eat less of a quality food, but the initial cost of the food may be more than that of an inferior brand.

Average Cost

According to the ASPCA, the average cost of feeding a dog over the course of one year as of 2009 is around £35 for a small dog, £78 for a medium dog, and £152 for a large dog, based on the assumption that the owner is feeding the dog a premium brand of dry kibble.

Special Diets

The cost of dog food may increase if your veterinarian requests that your dog be put on a special diet due to health needs. For example, a diabetic dog may need a different diet than a healthy dog.

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