How much are silver coins worth by the ounce?

Whether you want to collect silver coins as a hobby or as a hedge against economic uncertainty, knowing how much they are worth according to their silver content will help you avoid paying too much.

Metal Purity

U.S. silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes made before 1965, and silver state quarters, are 90 per cent pure silver.

Silver Content

Pre-1965, silver dollars contain 0.7734 troy oz. of silver. Half dollars contain 0.3617 troy oz. Quarters contain 0.1808 troy oz. Dimes contain 0.0723 troy oz.

Coin Values

To calculate a coin's silver value, multiply its silver content by the spot price of silver. Based on a hypothetical spot price of £9 a troy ounce, a 90 per cent silver dollar would be worth £7.0.


American Silver Eagle bullion coins, produced by the U.S. Mint since 1986, contain 28.4gr. of 99.9 per cent pure silver. The noncollectible version sold by coin dealers would be worth $14 based on the hypothetical spot price above.


Depending on rarity and condition, many silver coins command a collector's premium that far exceeds their silver value. Dealers charge a small premium even for noncollectible silver coins, commonly called "junk silver."

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