Kids' Sports Party Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

If you are a parent of an athlete, would-be athlete or are a team mom, you will eventually have to plan a sports themed party. When searching for kids sports party ideas, remember that the theme is already determined, your challenge is to determine how best to plan your event around it.

Identification of a Kids Sports Party

Kids sports party ideas are easier to plan than most because their specific colour schemes are so significant, such as soccer is associated with black and white, baseball is red and white, football is brown and white and tennis is yellow and white. After determining the basic colour scheme for your kid's sports party, ideas will begin to flow much easier.

Types of Kids Sporting Parties

Children often pick sports related themes for their birthday parties.

Athletic teams often have end-of-the-season parties to celebrate

Features of a Kid's Sports Party

Include party games and activities that coordinate well with your athletic theme.

Team sports parties are intended to recognise the accomplishments of the team, thank the coach and award individual trophies.

Size of Kid's Sports Parties

you may invite as many children to a child's party as you are comfortable watching.

A team party guest list will include the team members, their families and the coaches.

Time Frame for an Athletic Sports Party

A general guideline for birthday parties is to allow one hour per years in age, generally not to exceed three hours total party time.

When you plan a team sports party, be sure to allow enough time to get everything on the agenda completed, about 2 to 3 hours provides enough time for the team to celebrate.

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