Gift ideas for women over 60

Updated April 17, 2017

People often enjoy receiving gifts. It can sometimes be difficult when choosing what gift to give a woman. It can be harder when purchasing gifts for women over 60, because they have such a wide variety of interests at this age. There are some general gift ideas that will make that woman over 60 in your life smile, no matter what her interests are.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great because they allow women over 60 to purchase things that they need and want at their own discretion. Good places to purchase gift cards for women over 60 include craft stores, clothing stores for mature women, beauty stores and bookstores.

Body Products

Shower gels, bath soaps, bubble bath, bath salts and body sprays are always a great gift for women over 60. Some popular scents include vanilla, strawberry, pear, cucumber melon and musk.


Women over 60 enjoy apparel gifts such as sweaters, cardigans and vests. Purchase apparel in the woman's favourite colour and she is sure to be pleased.

Live Theater Tickets

Women over 60 often enjoy watching live theatre. Even if she doesn't go regularly, that doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy it. Purchase two tickets so she can choose someone to go with her.


Books about her favourite hobbies or by her favourite author are good gift ideas for women over 60. Many women of this age enjoy books about romance, mystery, cookbooks, home remedy books and medical dictionaries.

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