Ideas for a 60th birthday cake

Updated April 17, 2017

Cakes are generally part of birthday celebrations, a tradition that dates to ancient Greece, according to "The History of Birthday Cake," an essay on the Tokenz website. Celebrate a milestone 60th birthday with a special cake.

Birthday Numbers

When celebrating a birthday, age often comes into play, especially on the cake. Create something unusual for a 60th birthday by having the cake created in the shape of the number 60.


Decorate a cake in the theme of the time period in which the 60-year-old was born. Check online or in an encyclopedia to find out what was popular in music and movies. Be sure to label the cake with the birth year.


Instead of a traditional cake, serve cupcakes to celebrate. Decorate 60 cupcakes to look like roses and present five dozen roses as the cake. A tower of 60 cupcakes is also a great way to mark a 60th birthday.

Over the Hill

Bake a "gag gift" cake that plays on the idea that 60 is over the hill. Make the cake in the shape of a hill, and use toy tombstones and grim reapers to convey the one-foot-closer-to-the-grave idea.


Include a clock face, either piped on with icing or using an actual watch face as decoration, to focus on the idea that time is passing on this milestone birthday.

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