Gift ideas for a leaving teacher

Updated July 19, 2017

No matter why a teacher is leaving a school, many staff and students may be saddened by the departure. Choose a gift that will remind the teacher of the many happy times he had at the school.


Take photographs that were used in yearbooks and the school newspaper, and photographs donated by staff and students to create a personalised scrapbook that captures the teacher's life at the school.

Gift Card

Give the teacher a gift card that has a special meaning for that teacher. For example give a reading teacher a bookstore gift card, a coffee addict a coffee shop gift card, or a drama teacher a gift card to enjoy a movie.

Gift Basket

Create a gift basket that will help the teacher relax away from school. Themes can include chocolate, relaxation, or be centred around a favourite hobby like gardening.

Group Photograph

Have someone take a group picture of the staff, or the teacher's current class of students. Then have the photograph framed and matted with the school colours.

Appreciation Book

Create an Appreciation Book for the teacher. This can be made from any sort of notebook and would include messages from students or staff about what they appreciated about the teacher.

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