Side effects of Primperan

Written by shelley moore | 13/05/2017
Side effects of Primperan
You're most likely to drowsiness and fatigue when taking Primperan. (Getty Images)

Primperan is a brand name for the medication metoclopramide, used to treat heartburn and gastro-oseophageal reflux disease on a short-term basis, and for patients with gastroparesis. Metoclopramide is available in numerous countries, and also uses the brand names Maxolon, Octamide and Reglan, as well as being available in generic form. Many side effects are possible; the serious effects tend to result from taking too much medication for a long time.

Most common effects

The most common side effects associated with Primperan include anxiety, depression, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness and sedation.

Other side effects

Many other side effects also can occur, although rarely. They include breast tenderness and swelling, changes in menstruation, constipation, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction, increased frequency of urination, insomnia, loss of sexual interest, nausea and skin rash.

High doses

High doses of Primperan can cause aching or unusual skin sensations in the lower legs, diarrhoea, irritability, nervousness, and panic. Signs of overdose include these symptoms as well as confusion and seizures.

Neurological side effects

Neurological side effects increase with higher doses and longer treatment time frames. The patient may experience symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease, with involuntary muscle movements and facial grimaces. This side effect is unlikely and usually disappears if the drug is discontinued.

Additional warning

In 2009, the risk of tardive dyskinesia with high-dose or long-term use of metoclopramide was officially recognise. Tardive dyskinesia causes involuntary and repetitive movements, and the condition is permanent.

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