Why Do Women Wear Thumb Rings?

Updated April 17, 2017

Many women enjoy wearing thumb rings. In fact, more women wear them than men. While the practice has a long and significant history, most of the time, it is simply a fashion statement.


While throughout history, men wore thumb rings for various reasons, women's reasons for wearing them were much simpler. Historically, women wore their husband's wedding band on their thumb when their husbands were dead or had been sent off to battle.


The internet abounds with rumours that if a woman wears a ring on one thumb, it indicates her sexual orientation, and if she wears it on the other thumb, it means she is open to certain sexual experimentation. However, even if these rumours were once true, they no longer apply.


The thumb is associated with personal willpower, independence and pride in oneself. The left thumb is symbolic of the subconscious mind, while the right indicates the conscious mind.


In palmistry, women are often encouraged to wear a ring on their thumb as a way to draw in positive energy and increase assertiveness.


Generally, the thumb ring is worn by women today simply as a fashion statement, just like any other ring worn on any other finger.

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