The average salary of plastic surgeons

Written by faith davies | 13/05/2017

Plastic surgeons are medical doctors who perform cosmetic surgery on patients' faces and bodies. According to, the average salary of a plastic surgeon depends largely upon how many years of experience he has in the field and the type of employer for whom he works.

Entry Level

Plastic surgeons with less than one year of work experience earn average salaries between £51,097 and £148,789.

One to Four Years of Experience

Plastic surgeons with one to four years of work experience in the field earn annual salaries between £67,512 and £161,891.

Five to Nine Years of Experience

The average salary range for plastic surgeons with five to nine years of experience is between £78,881 and £207,675.

Most Experienced

The income of plastic surgeons with 10 to 19 years of experience in the field is between £100,393 and £231,653.


Many plastic surgeons receive additional benefits that increase their overall compensation packages, including between 2 1/3 and 3 1/3 weeks of paid vacation time each year and annual bonuses between £3,193 and £14,625.

Highest-Paying Employer

The plastic surgeons who earn the highest annual salaries are those who are self-employed, receiving average maximum salaries of £229,724. Private practices and non-profit organisations are also high-paying employers of plastic surgeons.

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