What is the average neonatal nurse salary?

Written by faith davies | 13/05/2017
What is the average neonatal nurse salary?
Starting neonatal nurse practitioners earned £32,042 to £44,709 in 2009. (nurse image by astoria from Fotolia.com)

A neonatal nurse practitioner is a licensed nursing professional who diagnoses and treats babies during their first month of life. The average salary of a neonatal nurse practitioner depends on experience and her employer.

Entry Level

In July 2009, neonatal nurse practitioners with less than one year of work experience earned an average salary of £32,042 to £44,709.

One to Four Years of Employment

Neonatal nurse practitioners with one to four years of work experience in the field earned annual salaries of £40,088 to £53,187 as of July 2009.

Five to Nine Years of Employment

The average salary range for neonatal nurse practitioners with five to nine years of experience was £43,888 to £54,970 in July 2009.

10 to 19 Years of Employment

The income of neonatal nurse practitioners with 10 to 19 years of experience in the field was £52,585 to £67,803 in July 2009.

Most Experienced

Once neonatal nurse practitioners achieved 20 years of work experience or more, their maximum average salary increased to £72,690 as of July 2009.

Employer Type

In July 2009, the highest paying employers of neonatal nurse practitioners were private practices, where nurses earned average maximum salaries of £70,383, while hospitals were the lowest paying employers with salaries of £60,791.

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