The average salary of a neuropsychologist

Updated February 21, 2017

Neuropsychologists study how the brain affects the way a person acts and thinks and fall under the category of "other psychology specialists." The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of psychology will grow by 8 per cent through 2016, resulting in the creation of 900 jobs for psychology specialists, including neuropsychologists.

General Average Salary

In May 2008, neuropsychologists averaged an annual salary of £58,799.

Salary Range

The lowest paid 10 per cent of neuropsychologists received salaries around £25,584, while the highest paid 10 per cent earned £94,575 in 2008.

Largest Employers

The largest employers of neuropsychologists in May 2008 were the federal government and offices of other health practitioners, such as psychologists, where professionals averaged salaries of £53,891 and £50,394, respectively.

Highest Paying Employers

In 2008, the highest paying employers of neuropsychologists were physicians' offices, educational support services, scientific research institutions, general hospitals, and individual family services. Psychologists working in these fields averaged between £62,075 and £103,220.

Highest Paying Areas

In May 2008, the states with the highest paid neuropsychologists were Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Maryland, where workers received average incomes of between £61,568 and £90,090.

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