What can cause a rash on a dog's stomach?

When your dog has a rash on his stomach, the rash may be a mild irritation that goes away or it may lead to serious problems. A dog with itchy skin may scratch and bite his belly until it causes infection or open sores. Dog rashes are common and prompt treatment eases the dog's misery.


When your dog lays on grass, bedding or carpet, parasites such as fleas and dust mites crawl onto the belly. The fecal matter of these parasites irritates the skin, causing a rash.

Seasonal Allergies

As your dog brushes against grasses or other plants, pollen sticks to her skin. Often the pollen causes an allergic reaction and hives appear on the stomach and legs.

Contact Dermatitis

Common detergents, cleansers or fertilisers cause skin reactions and rashes. The dog may be exposed for only a short time, but the belly skin is sensitive to these irritants.


Irritated skin develops rashes from yeast or bacterial infections. The dog may scratch or rub against an object that disturbs the skin and allows infection to get into the skin and spread across the stomach.


Depending on the cause, a dog rash is treated with a bath, flea preventive, antihistamine or prescription medication to ease the symptoms.

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