How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Business Website?

Updated March 23, 2017

The main purpose of a business website is to inform your customers about your company. It's a relatively inexpensive marketing tool that works for you 24 hours a day --- even after business hours are over. Estimate the various costs to set up a business website, before you begin.

The Basics

You must first take care of the basics when setting up a business website. You need a web server (also called a hosting account) and a domain name for your website. The web server is like a hard drive that stores and displays the files for the website and the domain name is the URL users type into their browsers. Try to find a name that best represents the products or services you sell, or you can just use your business name. The cost for a web hosting account starts at about four dollars a month and goes up, depending on the services and features offered by the service. If you want, you can also establish a business blog with a free blogging service, instead of paying hosting fees. A business blog is a series of postings containing information about your company.

Free Template

You can set up a business website with a free template. A template is a pre-made website to which you can add your own information and photos. Though such templates don't offer you much in the way of customisation options, this is the quickest and most economical way to set up a business website. Many web hosting services offer templates for free as long as you keep the account. You can also purchase a website template from an online design service for under £65. A common business website should have a home page, products page, and an about us and contact page.

Web Designers

If you want a custom design for your website and more control over its look, you'll have to hire a web designer. If you decide to hire a web designer to create your business website, you can expect to pay anywhere from £130 and up for the service. Keep in mind that this fee only includes the design and establishment of the website --- you have to manage the website on your own. Managing a website includes adding new information, updating existing information and answering online customer inquiries.

Content Writer

Another element of the business website that you can't forget is the need for fresh and informative content. For instance, you need a description of your business, a welcome page, and descriptions of your products and services. If you plan to educate customers about your industry, you'll also need informative articles to post on the website. Content writers help bring traffic to the business website by writing search-engine-friendly content. You can write the content yourself as the business owner, but if you plan to hire a professional, expect to pay anywhere from £3, up to the hundreds of dollars, for a standard web article. The price depends on the complexity and length of the content you need.

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