Kind of Chocolate to Use in Fountains

Updated April 17, 2017

Chocolate fountains have become a party necessity for many and choosing the right chocolate is of vital importance.


When choosing the chocolate for your chocolate fountain, pick out solid chocolate bricks. The fountain will melt the chocolate and circulate it through the gadget.


Consider what you are serving as "dippers" with the fountain. Milk chocolate is a great choice for sweet and soft fruit, dark chocolate for salty items and a white chocolate for either sweet or salty.


High quality chocolate consists of a smooth texture, dense coating and good taste. If it tastes rich prior to melting in the chocolate fountain, than your chocolate is probably of high quality.


Choosing a low quality chocolate is not a good idea for use in a fountain. The viscosity of the chocolate must be high to enable it to stay smooth and tasty. Low quality chocolate is simply not smooth enough.

Fun Fact

Check with your chocolate fountain directions, because with some styles you can include two types of chocolate, creating a swirled chocolate effect. This works well with a combination of white and dark chocolate.

Expert Insight

Choosing a Belgian-made chocolate is a guarantee of a high quality chocolate for fountain use. Test the chocolate first by eating a piece and note how the chocolate flavour develops over time in your mouth.

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