Mild Asperger's Symptoms

Written by amber kelsey | 13/05/2017
Mild Asperger's Symptoms
(Creative Commons photo by Wikmedia)

Asperger's syndrome is one of the milder autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) that involves problems in communication and social skills. Individuals who have mild Asperger's symptoms typically come across as a bit eccentric rather than fully autistic.

Social Problems

Individuals with mild Asperger's symptoms typically find it hard to make and keep friends. While they are personable and friendly, they lack the ability to judge personal space and understand social cues.

Communication Problems

Mild Asperger's symptoms often cause communication problems because of a patient's lack of eye contact, awkward gestures and few facial expressions. Asperger's patients also have trouble understanding humour and tend to interrupt when others are talking.

Motor Skills Problems

Asperger's patients tend to have poor balance, manual dexterity and handwriting.

Obsessive Behavior

Asperger's syndrome patients frequently have an obsession with one or two particular, narrow subjects, such as maps, street names or the weather. These patients can talk about their obsessions incessantly.


Mild Asperger's syndrome often includes hypersensitivity to sound, light, pain, temperature and touch. Asperger's patients can be very picky about what foods they eat because they are so sensitive to texture.

Cause and Treatments

While medical researchers haven't determined the exact cause of Asperger's syndrome, there appears to be a strong genetic factor. Treatment typically includes social skills training, psychotherapy and medication for any coexisting anxiety or depression.

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