How much money does a pizza delivery driver make?

Written by eric scott | 13/05/2017

Pizza delivery drivers earn both a base hourly salary and tips from their customers. Although pizza delivery drivers can earn decent money, it is important to remember that a pizza delivery driver uses her own car and the cost of gas and wear and tear on the car must be taken into consideration.

Base Salary

Pizza delivery drivers earn the state minimum wage. This typically ranges from £4.70 to £5 per hour, depending on the state and local laws.


A pizza delivery driver is tipped by most customers. The average tip is approximately £1.30 per delivery, but a tip can be as high as £3 per delivery or nothing at all. A typical pizza delivery driver will make approximately three deliveries per hour, which will earn him about £3 per hour in tips.


Pizza delivery drivers typically use their own cars when they make deliveries. A driver must take into account the cost of gas and the wear and tear on her car when calculating her net hourly wage.

Gas Reimbursement

Many pizza shops reimburse a pizza delivery driver for gas. Many employers will pay a pizza delivery driver a set rate per delivery for gas that ranges from 25 cents to 60p per delivery.


Pizza delivery drivers rarely receive benefits such health insurance or a retirement plan. Therefore, a pizza delivery driver will need to pay the cost of any benefits himself.


Many pizza delivery drivers must make deliveries in dangerous neighbourhoods and face the threat of being robbed. If a driver ever feels that she is in danger, she should take actions to get to safety and speak to her manager about the situation.


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