How Much Does Spaying Cost?

Updated July 19, 2017

The costs of spaying a cat or dog may vary widely depending on geography and on individual veterinarian policies. While some veterinarians charge as little as £32, others may charge more than £195.


Removing the ovaries and uterus of any mammal is a major surgery that needs to be performed very carefully to avoid major problems. If substandard materials or procedures are used, an animal could face major health complications.


Spaying animals who are pregnant or have dangerous uterine infections will almost always be more expensive because the surgery is much more complicated and the risk to the animal is greater. Some veterinarians charge less to spay younger animals for the same reason.

Potential Cost Savings

Some veterinarians make pre-surgical blood tests optional to save owners some money, perhaps about £26. But these tests can warn veterinarians and owners of existing diseases that could complicate the surgery. Other vets might make pain relievers optional, but owners should consider whether the potential savings are worth it.

Other Ways to Save

Calling various veterinary clinics to ask about their prices is perfectly acceptable, but be sure to visit and ask lots of questions to ensure you're comfortable with the cleanliness and policies of lower-cost clinics.

Fun Fact

If spaying a pet seems expensive, consider that a similar surgery (total hysterectomy) in humans costs about £5,850 on average.

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