How Much Money Does an Auto Mechanic Earn?

Written by faith davies | 13/05/2017

Auto mechanics perform maintenance and make repairs on automobiles of all types. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for auto mechanics will grow by 14 per cent through 2016, resulting in the creation of 110,000 jobs.

Average Salary

In May 2008, auto mechanics averaged an annual salary of £24,401.

Salary Range

The lowest-paid 10 per cent of auto mechanics received salaries around £12,928, while the highest-paid 10 per cent earned £38,811 in 2008.

Largest Employers

The largest employers of auto mechanics in May 2008 were automotive repair services, automobile dealerships, automotive part stores, gasoline stations and local governments. Auto mechanics employed in these areas earned average salaries of £22,119, £27,813, £21,619, £22,516 and £27,872, respectively.

Highest-Paying Employers

In 2008, the highest-paying employers of auto mechanics were petroleum and coal-products manufacturers, aerospace-parts manufacturers, courier and express-delivery services, natural-gas distribution, and oil and gas extraction. Mechanics working in these fields averaged £37,342 to £45,532.

Highest-Paying Areas

In May 2008, the states with the highest-paid auto mechanics were Alaska, Connecticut, Maryland, California and Washington, where workers received average incomes of £27,105 to £31,999.

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